Thursday, December 20, 2007


Even with all the commotion of Lucy being sick me and Tyler were able to go to the Ellen show on Tuesday. The show actually aired on Wednesday. My mom watched Lucy while we were gone. It was raining and freezing we had to be there at 1:00 and didn't get to go inside till 3:30. Once we got inside it was awesome. They sat us right in the aisle. Ive seen the show enough to know that when Ellen is dancing she makes her way through the middle aisle and ends up on the other side right next to where I was sitting. I really didn't want to be on camera but I knew it was inevitable. There was a camera man right on me the entire time so I knew at some point I would be on TV but I didn't realize how many times. They did a close up on me for my reaction of the little girl singing (embarrassing). Then through out the entire show they kept flashing back to our area.

We were the 10th day of Christmas with Wolfgang Puck. He gave us some cookies from his restaurant. There was a photographer named Andrew Zuckerman on the show we got his book called Creature with a bunch of pictures that he has taken of animals. We got a year subscription to net flicks, a set of Ralph Lauren organic cotton sheets worth $700. Finally she gave us a sleep number bed worth $2500. Since me and Tyler were both there we got double of everything. Ironically we just got a new bed so know we have 3 king size beds! We think we will just keep one of the sleep number beds and sell the other two.

Lucy Loves to look at the pictures of animals.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So glad its over

Lucy was really sick this weekend. I'll fill you in on the details. Lucy was really winy and clingy on Monday and Tuesday then on Wednesday she had a really high fever that I couldn't get to go down. She woke up on Thursday with the fever and I could tell she was having a hard time breathing and she wouldn't eat or drink. I called the doctor and went in at about 2:30. The Doctor looked puzzled as to what she had. He said that she had RSV which doesn't really have a cure because its a virus. Lucy had RSV almost a year ago and baby's usually tend to get it only once but they can get a different strain of it again. It usually only occurs in Children under two. I went home and she took a nap. When she woke up I could tell she was a lot worse. Every time I gave her medicine to get her temp down and try to make her feel better I could hear the air in her stomach from the way she was breathing. Tyler came home and we took her to the emergency room. I sat in the room with her for a half hour with her crying the whole time. Lucy doesn't cry unless there is something really wrong so I knew that this wasn't normal. I could hear the doctor talking with the nurses out in the hall just chatting about stuff. The doctor came in and checked her for a minute and said oh she just has a cold. WHAT! Lucy had colds before and this was not a cold but she was the doctor so I listened. We went home and we were up all night with Lucy. Friday morning Lucy was still horrible. Tyler's mom came over for a while and helped me because I was supposed to go to LA to do hair and make up for a wedding I was debating whether or not to go but while Dayna was there Lucy seemed to be a little better. I left at 2:00 to go down to LA. Dayna came back over after work and noticed that Lucy seemed to be giving up. She still couldn't breathe she had a high temperature she still hadn't eaten or drunken anything. They rushed her to the emergency room. She got brought back right away her oxygen level was a 71% Its supposed to be at 100% with in 10 seconds there were six nurses around her with the doctor (a different doctor) yelling out orders. Lucy ended up having pneumonia in both lungs, she was severely dehydrated and had RSV. They sent for an ambulance to take her to Maderas children's hospital where we spent 4 days. Now we are home and Lucy is on antibiotics and an inhaler. Thank you everyone for the prayers and support. We are so grateful to our mothers for helping us through this whole thing and we are soooo glad its over!!

The first thing that Lucy would eat was a sucker.

She tried to plug her oxygen monitor into her monkey.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Christian!

Stacie's blog inspired me to blog about how Awesome our nephew Christian is! Christian is the smartest, cutest, funniest, eight year old that I know! He beats me all the time in spelling competitions that we have. Who knew that pterodactyl had a silent letter. When Christian was little he always wanted to sit on my lap where ever we were. To know that if I were to marry Tyler that I would have such an awesome nephew really sealed the deal!
Christian has such a testimony of the church and has no doubt about being baptised. He is a good example to everyone. I'm glad that Lucy gets to grow up with a cousin that is such a good influence.

I'm so impressed how unselfish he is. He likes to be the center of attention but will always step aside to let his sister Elyse have the spot light.

That tarantula was found walking around in a field. Its not a pet!


He's not embarrassed to do silly things. I told him to pose like a mermaid.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


That's right! I got a call today at about 1:30 from a rep from the Ellen show who informed me that I have two guaranteed tickets to the taping of the show on the 18th. JEALOUS? haha

Monday, November 19, 2007

My favorite show ever!

Ive been lurking the Ellen Degeneres web site for weeks now waiting for the 12 days of Christmas tickets to go up for grabs. I found out that the tickets for the month of December would appear on the website this morning at 9:00. I got on the website at 8:00am and waited. I am the biggest fan of that show. I literally plan my day around being home by 4:00 so I can watch it. Its such a release. It makes me laugh out loud and not many things make me laugh out loud. Even Lucy loves the show. Anyway, I signed up for tickets on the 18th. It will only allow you to sign up for tickets one time per computer. It knows some how! Cause Ive tried in the past and it totally erases any requests that you have made. So I called Tyler at work and told him to sign up under his name on a computer and then go to other computers through out the office and sign up using his mom and dads name (the last name has to match on your ID when you go sign in at the show). Then I called David Bunting to sign up Lindsey (so she can take me). He has gotten tickets before so I thought maybe he was lucky. Even though Ive signed up for tickets it doesn't guarantee that you get them. Someone from the show is supposed to call you to confirm the tickets. I am sooo anxious! I just want to know!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yea for videos

I love watching videos on other peoples blogs and I just figured out how to upload them so you will be seeing a lot more videos! This is Lucy our niece Elyse and Grandma Dayna at the highland football game.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Lucy just started nodding her head when you ask her questions. Its so funny because we ask her random things and she will still say yes to everything.

We put this penguin costume on Lucy a couple weeks before Halloween. It ended up being to small so I dressed her in black and put a cat face on her. Cats are so easy to dress up as on Halloween its always the back up plan.

Here are our pumpkins we carved. Mine is the pirate ship and Tyler's is the face. Well I guess both of them are kind of mine because all Tyler carved was the left eye. He gets distracted very easily.

Tyler thinks that we should get our money back for our dog so he wants her to have puppies which means she has periods. I guess dogs are in heat for like 3 weeks. This is Sadie wearing one of Lucy's diapers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lucy's 1st Birthday!

Happy, Happy, (1st) Birthday Lucy Dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish and it would be... a Happy, Happy, Birthday to YOU from ME! We would like to THANK everyone who has helped make Lucy's 1st year a success! But most of all, Lucy and I would like to thank Katy for being the best Mom and Wife. I couldn't have gotten a better wife, she is so talented! She always makes sure that Lucy and daddy have enough to eat. If we are sick, she does everything possible to make us feel better. She's a Keeper!

Lucy enjoyed her own cake that Katy made especially for her!

Lucy got her First Rose and balloon from Daddy!

"Out of the Loop, Here's the Scoop!"

It was a fun filled Saturday when Russ and Nancy(G&G Allred) invited us to go pick FRESH APPPLES!

After the long exhausting harvest of picking apples, we sat down to enjoy a real treat! We enjoyed some warm fresh apple crisp and then washed it down with some fresh apple cider.

Lucy and Mom enjoyed the apple crisp together!

Thank you Russ and Nancy for making it a fun trip! Oh, and thanks for helping us clean the office after the trip!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Some one help me!

Ever since Lucy was 2 months old she has slept through the night with an occasional waking at like 5:30 Id give her a bottle and she would go back to bed. All of a sudden the last two weeks she wakes up like every half hour and wont go back to bed shes not hungry shes not dirty. I give her Tylenol (just in case of teething) last night I gave her that gas stuff. Nothing works!!! She wants me to get up and play with her even though I'm half a sleep and so is she. She can barely keep her eyes open so I know shes tired. She barely eats! (well in comparison to how much she eat before). She just plays with her food! WHAT DO I DO!!??

Lucy is almost one!

Lucy had her one year doctors appointment on Tuesday. She is 28 and a half in. and weighs 22.13. She is in the 75% for height and the 80% for weight. So shes a little bigger than the average one year old but I'm sure she'll even out soon. She has crawling down to a science and she just started pulling her self up on things. She has only the beginnings of 2 teeth on the bottom. She still refuses to talk by clinching her mouth and grunting at me if she wants anything. We think that she could possibly be saying Sadie sometimes. But she refuses to do anything on command so its hard to tell if she is just babbling or if it is Sadie that she is saying. I wouldn't be surprised. We say Sadie all the time because she gets in trouble so much.
Lucy loves to climb into her big girl car seat and play around. I cant wait till she actually gets to use it in the car and gets to face the front she will love it!!

I was about to give Lucy a bath. I usually just carry her straight to the tub and put her in right away but I hadn't filled it up yet so I let her play on the ground in her room. I thought oh she wont go to the bathroom. But she did!!

I made a Cake for My friend Alison's little boy Patrick's first birthday.

Friday, August 24, 2007


I know I know!!! I need to blog more! I'm going to post pictures and tell you about them to get all caught up on the events. I got to baby sit Grant one of the days that his mommy was at girls camp. Lucy loved having him here. She especially loved taking his pacifier out of his mouth.

Sadie is getting bigger and getting her adult teeth. Thank goodness! Her baby teeth were so sharp.

They love each other! Sadie is so tolerant of Lucys hugging and petting(hitting).

We went to San Diego with Tyler's family. It was nice to get away from Bakersfield.

Lucy had her first bath with another baby. Me and Alison go walking every morning so Lucy and Patrick have become fast friends.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


We went camping for the Nichols family reunion this year. As long as I have a nice comfy place to sleep I love camping! We went out and bought a tent an air mattress,and borrowed the rest of the things we needed from my parents. We had a lot of fun at the beach and hanging out with all the family.

This is the air mattress we bought. If you ever need to buy an air mattress this is the one to buy! Every air mattress that Ive ever slept on ends up flat on the ground by the middle of the night. This one is amazing! It stays full of air for days and its nice to have something higher up in your tent.

Doesn't she look like a cabbage patch doll!

We gave Lucy a bath in a bucket with the help of all the little girls. Then Talia took a bath and pooped in the water.