Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lots to talk about

For Thanksgiving we Headed up to Utah to visit Melody.

We Stopped in Las Vegas and Stayed with Tyler's Sister Nikki and family.

The next day we stopped in St. George and visited with Grandma for a couple hours. She made us some yummy lunch and gave the kids some presents.

We made it to Lehi Utah just in time for Thanksgiving.

We visited Gardner Village.

We were able to stay long enough to see this cutie!

We headed home after a week of fun in Utah. We did a lot more stuff but these were all the pictures from Tyler's I-phone.
I made this for Brooklyn for Christmas. I was going to make one for Lucy too but I decided I will never make one again!

Santa came and brought tons of toys!

But first we had Christmas Eve at My Aunt and Uncles house where Carter was a Shepherd.

We got a new couch

We hung out all Christmas day with Tyler's Family

We worked on a couple projects. Our Brother in-laws came over and helped take off all the wall paper in the kitchen!! I'm so thankful for them! That would have taken me days to do!! (This was the only picture Tyler took)

Then Justin came and painted!

We went to Santa Monica on New Years day.

With these guys and my parents

Carter had a birthday! He is ONE!

all his new toys!

This is a picture of Tyler's Great Grandpa in 1883. Everyone think he looks just like Carter.

This is our new dog Teddy!