Monday, December 29, 2008

We Love Our Lucy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


We carved pumpkins. Lucy calls them "Jacket-Lanterns." She loved cleaning the pumpkins out and we ended up with some creative "Jacket-Lanterns," two of Lucys favorite things!

Lucys Monkey

DJ Lance from YO Gabba Gabba!

Papi, the master carver!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lucy is two!

My little Lu is two! She is 31 pounds 95% and 35in tall 85%. I blew up a bunch of balloons for her to wake up to in the morning. Actually Tyler and Jennifer blew the balloons up. I tried but my belly felt like it was going to pop every time I did one. We threw a little birthday party for her at Lindsey and Davids house.

I made Lucy a monkey cake. The mold that I used was supposed to be a bear so the whole time I was worried about it looking like a bear plus Tyler and Jennifer's husband Justin both thought it looked like a bear. So after it was finished (the night before Lucy's birthday) I held it up to show Lucy and asked her what it was. She ran over to it with excitement and yelled out a monkey cake! She knew what it was!

I was surprised at how excited she was to open presents. She loved every moment of it!

Everyone was so generous and Lucy ended up with lots of gifts! To many for a two year old.

One of the presents that her daddy got her . Yetters!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Its Tylers birthday!!

He's a proud parent of almost two!

He loves Lucy and wants to spend as much time as possible with her.

He loves his family! (Baby Warren)

Served a full time mission to Chile!

There is always time for some self portraits!

He can fall asleep anywhere including our wedding day. No, He didn't fall asleep on our wedding day but he really can fall asleep anywhere!!

Tyler is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him. He works harder than anyone I know and is truly the most loyal and honest person you will ever meet.

I love you Tyler!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I never know what to write here!

I guess I have a lot to catch up on and what better way to do it than with pictures! In no particular order because that would take forever.

Elyse spent the night and Lucy would not let her out of her sight!

we painted nails

I had a birthday! 25!! My mom made the best double chocolate cake I have ever had! I pretty much ate the whole thing by my self.

We went to dinner with my friends! I didn't think about what they do to you in a Mexican restaurant for your birthday! It was the most embarrassing thing ever especially because as they were singing to me they added a sombrero and shoved flan in my mouth which by the way was delicious!

My Friends!

Lucy has been sleeping in a big girl bed for a couple months now. Most of the time she gets in her bed and doesn't get out till she wakes up but occasionally she gets up and plays until I hear her and tell her to get back in bed. She got up one afternoon and I found her sitting in front of the craft drawers coloring on herself with markers.

Notice the marks under her nose. The markers that she was using were smelly markers.

We made cookies and Lucy licked the beater for the first time.

We visited Murry family farms with my parents a couple weekends ago.

Me and Tyler celebrated our 3rd anniversary in Santa Barbara.

Elyse had another dance recital and she was so cute and funny. Lucy loves anything that has to do with Elyse.

I painted Lucy's toes with sparkles to match my ROCK STAR toes. If anyone talks to Lucy in a store or something she has to show them her nails.

We dressed Lucy in the monkey costume we bought her for Halloween. She didn't like it and wanted it off so we will probably dress her in something girlie instead.

This video took like an hour to down load! So annoying! Elyse gave this dress to Lucy. It was Elyse's dace recital dress from last year. Now every time Lucy sees it she wants to put it on and dance!

Monday, August 18, 2008

What? Again?

The conversation with me and the doctor
dr: The results from the ultra sound say that your not quite as far along as we thought. So your new due date is December 30th. (In a hesitant voice)
Me: Oh okay cool
Dr: Your okay with that?
Me: Yea! He could be the first baby of the year!
Dr: They put you on Tv you know?
Me: I know!
Dr: after giving birth?
Me: Yea! I dont care.
Dr: haha
So my due date is pushed back which is fine. Lucy came a week early so Im kinda thinking the same thing could happen making him a Christmas baby. Oh well what can you do.
Im over at my moms house which means I dont have any pictures to put on here but if you look at my friend Jennifers page she put up some cute videos of Lucy and Annie.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm sure most of you know by now that we are expecting a baby boy in December. Im not exactly sure how far along I am because last time I went in to the doctor he said that my uterus felt small so I should find out Wednesday morning what my due date actually is. Right now My due date is December 16th so we will see if that changes. In the beginning pretty much everything made me sick so to even think about doing a blog made me made me gag. Im doing so much better now. Dont get your hopes up about new blogs all the time im not promising anything!
Lucy is doing great! She is soooo smart! She sings and dances, plays dolls and house, she loves to do her nails and make up, and she is talking like crazy. She is still the clumsiest person I know. If there is a wide open area that she is running in, she some how finds either something to trip over or a wall to run into. She is so funny and has such an attitude.
I will update more with pictures after my doctors appointment.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


We are back!! We got back from Florida on Wednesday night after all day flying. A couple things that I realized on our way home; I loathe flying, I hate traveling and so dose Lucy, and I Love Bakersfield! Florida was awesome and gorgeous and so fun but every night I found myself thinking about how awful it was going to be to fly home. Not because I didn't want to leave but because I didn't want to go on another airplane. Lucy was actually really good on the flights especially compared to the other kids on the plane. She slept a lot of the way home (thank goodness) While I freaked out from all the turbulence. As soon as we landed in Burbank I vowed to never fly again. Heres a couple of pictures of things we did in Florida.

We went to the Zoo and fed the fish.

This alligator was separated from the rest because it was missing both its back legs. When we were trying to feed the fish and turtles the alligator would eat the food.

We hung out at the beach.

We went on the air boats in the everglades were we saw two alligators and 3 manta rays. In Florida they have pelicans instead of seagulls. The pelicans were not scared of humans at all as you can see they even landed on our boat.

There is an alligator next that boat

oh and I found a couple more self portraits.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hello From Florida!

Just a couple of pictures of what we see every day. Its a hard life.

The building behind Lucy is where our condo is 11 floors up.

Its like a whole different world here. Everyone is care free