Wednesday, November 28, 2007


That's right! I got a call today at about 1:30 from a rep from the Ellen show who informed me that I have two guaranteed tickets to the taping of the show on the 18th. JEALOUS? haha

Monday, November 19, 2007

My favorite show ever!

Ive been lurking the Ellen Degeneres web site for weeks now waiting for the 12 days of Christmas tickets to go up for grabs. I found out that the tickets for the month of December would appear on the website this morning at 9:00. I got on the website at 8:00am and waited. I am the biggest fan of that show. I literally plan my day around being home by 4:00 so I can watch it. Its such a release. It makes me laugh out loud and not many things make me laugh out loud. Even Lucy loves the show. Anyway, I signed up for tickets on the 18th. It will only allow you to sign up for tickets one time per computer. It knows some how! Cause Ive tried in the past and it totally erases any requests that you have made. So I called Tyler at work and told him to sign up under his name on a computer and then go to other computers through out the office and sign up using his mom and dads name (the last name has to match on your ID when you go sign in at the show). Then I called David Bunting to sign up Lindsey (so she can take me). He has gotten tickets before so I thought maybe he was lucky. Even though Ive signed up for tickets it doesn't guarantee that you get them. Someone from the show is supposed to call you to confirm the tickets. I am sooo anxious! I just want to know!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yea for videos

I love watching videos on other peoples blogs and I just figured out how to upload them so you will be seeing a lot more videos! This is Lucy our niece Elyse and Grandma Dayna at the highland football game.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Lucy just started nodding her head when you ask her questions. Its so funny because we ask her random things and she will still say yes to everything.

We put this penguin costume on Lucy a couple weeks before Halloween. It ended up being to small so I dressed her in black and put a cat face on her. Cats are so easy to dress up as on Halloween its always the back up plan.

Here are our pumpkins we carved. Mine is the pirate ship and Tyler's is the face. Well I guess both of them are kind of mine because all Tyler carved was the left eye. He gets distracted very easily.

Tyler thinks that we should get our money back for our dog so he wants her to have puppies which means she has periods. I guess dogs are in heat for like 3 weeks. This is Sadie wearing one of Lucy's diapers.