Friday, September 21, 2007

Some one help me!

Ever since Lucy was 2 months old she has slept through the night with an occasional waking at like 5:30 Id give her a bottle and she would go back to bed. All of a sudden the last two weeks she wakes up like every half hour and wont go back to bed shes not hungry shes not dirty. I give her Tylenol (just in case of teething) last night I gave her that gas stuff. Nothing works!!! She wants me to get up and play with her even though I'm half a sleep and so is she. She can barely keep her eyes open so I know shes tired. She barely eats! (well in comparison to how much she eat before). She just plays with her food! WHAT DO I DO!!??

Lucy is almost one!

Lucy had her one year doctors appointment on Tuesday. She is 28 and a half in. and weighs 22.13. She is in the 75% for height and the 80% for weight. So shes a little bigger than the average one year old but I'm sure she'll even out soon. She has crawling down to a science and she just started pulling her self up on things. She has only the beginnings of 2 teeth on the bottom. She still refuses to talk by clinching her mouth and grunting at me if she wants anything. We think that she could possibly be saying Sadie sometimes. But she refuses to do anything on command so its hard to tell if she is just babbling or if it is Sadie that she is saying. I wouldn't be surprised. We say Sadie all the time because she gets in trouble so much.
Lucy loves to climb into her big girl car seat and play around. I cant wait till she actually gets to use it in the car and gets to face the front she will love it!!

I was about to give Lucy a bath. I usually just carry her straight to the tub and put her in right away but I hadn't filled it up yet so I let her play on the ground in her room. I thought oh she wont go to the bathroom. But she did!!

I made a Cake for My friend Alison's little boy Patrick's first birthday.