Wednesday, May 7, 2008


We are back!! We got back from Florida on Wednesday night after all day flying. A couple things that I realized on our way home; I loathe flying, I hate traveling and so dose Lucy, and I Love Bakersfield! Florida was awesome and gorgeous and so fun but every night I found myself thinking about how awful it was going to be to fly home. Not because I didn't want to leave but because I didn't want to go on another airplane. Lucy was actually really good on the flights especially compared to the other kids on the plane. She slept a lot of the way home (thank goodness) While I freaked out from all the turbulence. As soon as we landed in Burbank I vowed to never fly again. Heres a couple of pictures of things we did in Florida.

We went to the Zoo and fed the fish.

This alligator was separated from the rest because it was missing both its back legs. When we were trying to feed the fish and turtles the alligator would eat the food.

We hung out at the beach.

We went on the air boats in the everglades were we saw two alligators and 3 manta rays. In Florida they have pelicans instead of seagulls. The pelicans were not scared of humans at all as you can see they even landed on our boat.

There is an alligator next that boat

oh and I found a couple more self portraits.