Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lucy's 1st Birthday!

Happy, Happy, (1st) Birthday Lucy Dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish and it would be... a Happy, Happy, Birthday to YOU from ME! We would like to THANK everyone who has helped make Lucy's 1st year a success! But most of all, Lucy and I would like to thank Katy for being the best Mom and Wife. I couldn't have gotten a better wife, she is so talented! She always makes sure that Lucy and daddy have enough to eat. If we are sick, she does everything possible to make us feel better. She's a Keeper!

Lucy enjoyed her own cake that Katy made especially for her!

Lucy got her First Rose and balloon from Daddy!

"Out of the Loop, Here's the Scoop!"

It was a fun filled Saturday when Russ and Nancy(G&G Allred) invited us to go pick FRESH APPPLES!

After the long exhausting harvest of picking apples, we sat down to enjoy a real treat! We enjoyed some warm fresh apple crisp and then washed it down with some fresh apple cider.

Lucy and Mom enjoyed the apple crisp together!

Thank you Russ and Nancy for making it a fun trip! Oh, and thanks for helping us clean the office after the trip!