Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It wasn't planned but....

WE GOT A NEW CAR! Tyler was on his way home from work and he saw this 2004 Chrysler Pacifica fully loaded for way cheap! We needed a car that would fit more than three people and a stroller in case of more kids. (No Stacie I'm not pregnant)

Some things I love about my new car
1.Leather seats and third row
2.6 disk DVD player and 6 disk CD player
3.Heated seats (I never realized how cold my bum was)
4.Sun roof
5.GPS/Navigation system
6.Automatic lift gate (it opens and closes by its self!)

We traded in my 1997 Honda civic and they gave us more money than they should have for it. It ran great and was so fast but there was a lot of little things wrong with it.
Some things I wont miss about my Civic.
1.How I had to climb into the back seat to put Lucy in the car.
2.The smell. It had a weird smell that made me gag every time I got in it when I was pregnant.
3.There was no power anything steering windows locks
4.Stick shift
5.every time it rained it would hydro plane because it was so low I guess
6.worrying about it getting broken into all the time. Its been broken into twice.

Friday, February 15, 2008

New camera!

We like to have dance parties at our house. Its basically me and Tyler making Lucy do weird things. Its way fun and it helps to get all your frustrations out by jumping around its good exercise too. I find as I get older and I don't know if its necessarily that, or the fact that I haven't danced since the institute dances a couple of years ago, but I cant seem to get my groove. I cant stay on the beat and I find my self snapping and awkwardly moving back and forth. So then I think, I need to practice and the more I practice the more I realize that I should NOT dance anymore. Now that I've established how awkward and uncool I am, here is a video of how cool my daughter is.

We got a new camera and I love it by the way. These are some of the pictures we took with it. We weren't trying to do a photo shoot or anything so theres nothing fancy or creative just some pictures of Lu.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Its time for a change!

My mom, Lucy, and I went to look at some model homes today that were amazing. It made me realize how awesome it would be to have a house but it also made me realize that I needed to do something with my hair. What! Yes my hair. The lady at the model homes thought that my mom was Lucy mom which is a good complement for her but when she told the lady that she was mine I could tell she kind of disapproved as If I was like 17 or something. Then we went to McDonald's for lunch. A bunch of High school kids were there and I then realized that I have had the same hair style for forever. So I called up my hair dresser and made an appointment and this is how my hair came out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No one can resist!

Since we have three wards in our building for church its our turn to go at 12:30pm. Right in the middle of nap time so by the end of sacrament meeting the first hour Lucy is done! We usually end up letting her wonder around to all the different families. Yes, I know it sounds very irresponsible but If shes tired she wont let you control her besides I'm pretty sure that most of the families like having her come sit by them. By the second hour its impossible to be in class so I ended up walking around the building with her. It was kind of pointless to be at church! She is only 16 months not old enough to be nursery. I knew that she would do awesome in nursery even without a nap, theres toys, room to run, snacks, and music. Two weeks ago the primary chorister was holding her and brought her in nursery and the teachers in there said she was fine to stay woohoo!! So last week Tyler went in to check on her and while he was in there a little boy bit her cheek! He didn't break the skin but it was all swollen. This is the second time a little boy has bit her cheek! I guess they just can resist!