Sunday, August 30, 2009


Lucy starts preschool on Tuesday and we needed to get a couple of supplies. We were at Marshalls looking at some clothes and a mom and her daughter and son walked by us. I noticed that the boy kind of stunk but I just kept looking at the clothes. Then I looked over at Lucy and she had a weird face.

M: Whats wrong Lucy?

L: That boy is stinky!

I didn't think that she noticed things that smelled! I guess this proves she really is our daughter!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little update

I'm not going to take the time to edit any of this so all the writing is at the bottom. There will be more pictures of our new house coming soon.

I grew these tomatoes at our apartment

Kyle left on his mission to Peru

Carters and his cousin Natalie. She is a month older than him.

We moved into our new house so that's my excuse for not blogging. Any way Carter is almost 8 months now and last night was his first time sleeping without waking up every three hours. I painted his room blue and I read that babies sleep better in blue rooms. I'm sure that's not why he slept but it's going to be my excuse for all the hard work that I did painting on our wonderful textured walls (that's sarcastic! Textured walls are horrible and very hard to paint).

Lucy is almost 3 and is even more sassy than ever! She doesn't like to share with other kids but she is usually good about letting Carter play with her stuff. Yesterday, the At&T guy was here fixing our computer and he walked into our office where Lucy had left a game spread out on the floor. Lucy says hey don't step on my stuff (imagine that with attitude head bobbing and hand motions) I was kinda shocked and embarrassed. What do you say to that?! Hopefully she will be starting preschool soon and then maybe she will learn some social skills that don't require bossing other people around.