Thursday, March 27, 2008


We had a pretty laid back Easter. We didn't have a fancy dinner with extended family so we didn't have to dress up and be all uncomfortable. We ate over at my parents house. Then headed to Tyler's parents for an Easter egg hunt. I'd take Easter over Thanksgiving any day. I hate how all the holidays are so crazy and hectic. This Easter was perfect!

Lucy got a bunch of little things including a little doll that has a potty, bottles, toys, ect. It keeps her busy for hours.

Lucy's Nana gave Lucy a bigger doll that makes noises. Lucy isn't quite sure about it yet.

Lucy did so good finding the eggs then putting them in the basket.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We went to Disneyland last week with my parents. Lucy barely cracked a smile the whole time. She cried on the rides with an exception to the story book ride. She did get a little nervous as we started to enter the whales mouth. It is kind of scary!

She loved the petting zoo! It was one of the only things that made her smile.

She cried on Winnie the Poo. This was taken after the ride.

My parents trying to get Lucy to smile on the jungle cruse. She liked it all the way until the hippos. I think its because they were so close to us and they had there mouths open so she could see the teeth.

Somber Lucy yet again inside Minnie's house.

The night before we went, Lucy fell off the Luv sac at Lindsey's house and hit her face on the coffee table in case you were wondering if that was a black eye.

We walked downtown Disney and got an oyster that had a pink pearl inside.

Fun with Jennifer and Annie!

Lucy likes to play with Annnie. She pushes her in her stroller, she tells everyone to shhhh when Annie is sleeping, and she even helps take her diaper off when no ones looking. Since I unknowingly taught Lucy how to take off a diaper when we were playing with her dolls she now will take her own diaper off and then proceed to poop on the floor. We bought her a potty thinking that maybe the free sensation makes her go to the bathroom, since she seems to go when ever her diaper is off, but she has yet to actually go in the potty.

We have realized that Lucy wants nothing to do with the camera. I don't know if its the lack of pictures that I take or the fact that shes just like me and hates her picture taken. Annie is a pro!

These are the only pictures that Lucy is kinda of looking at the camera but of course she isn't smiling.
Then on another day Jennifer taught Lucy how to say Cheese!!

Thank you!

My sister Melody sent a box of Sees candy to Lucy for Easter and I took a video of Lucy opening it and one of her saying thank you but for some reason they wont down load. This is a picture of what Lucy looked like after eating some of the candy. Ill try the video later.

Thank you Auntie Melody, Uncle Jason, and Brooke Brooke

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sleep Over!

Lucy's cousin Elyse got to sleep over on Sunday. Lucy doesn't really appreciate nail painting and yummy pancake breakfasts so the sleep over was probably more fun for me. I love having Elyse over and we want her to come back very soon.

They had a bath before bed time.

We made a big bed on the floor and watched movies and ate popcorn. Lucy woke up at about eight and Elyse was still asleep. Lucy just sat by her side for a while till I guess she couldn't wait any longer and then sat on Elyse. I made pancakes with strawberries. Then we got ready and walked over to the park and played for a while.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Say what!

Lucy tries to say everything you tell her to say but it usually comes out sounding all the same.

Some fun pictures

We went out to dinner with Lindsey and David and while we were waiting we noticed the sky was really cool.

I got these sun glasses at the dollar spot in Target. I love them and so dose Lucy she wears them all time. The only problem is that now she wears headbands like this.