Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hello From Florida!

Just a couple of pictures of what we see every day. Its a hard life.

The building behind Lucy is where our condo is 11 floors up.

Its like a whole different world here. Everyone is care free


The Carlson's said...

Awwww.....we wish we were there! Don't forget about our marathon!!! And Justin said you guys suck for getting to go on vacation!

Anonymous said...

What a nice chance to get away!!! I was wondering how much fun you were having! Obviously lots - we are jealous

Jordan & Nikki said...

Beautiful! What a great way to spend time with family.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Wow, look at that view!! Im totally jealous. All I had to look at in Utah was snow. Yuck!! Lucy looks so cute out on that beach.