Monday, May 24, 2010

More house stuff!

My moms birthday was in April and we had her come over for dinner and cake. I made a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Instead of using the eggs and oil I put a can of pumpkin in. Which made it less calories and very yummy! Lucy decorated it using food color pens. They would have been easier on a frosting that was a little stiffer but it still was fun and came out very colorful!

we had fun taking pictures of Lucy and she loves the attention. (this picture is for Brooklyn)

This is what our yard looked like when we first moved in minus that tree (which is dead now by the way)

Its still a work in progress but its getting better. Who ever thought Lava rock was a great idea to put into gardens was crazy! Me and Tyler spent like 3 days sifting out all the lava rock from the dirt. I've always wanted a yard that looked like the secret garden. So that's my goal!



Our grass is still pretty much weeds but it's green! We are working on that!

This is another find from Goodwill. It was missing a bunch of handles but I loved them! It originally had 2 handles on each drawer my dad patched the holes and put one handle on each drawer and it turned out perfect!! I'll post more pictures of Lucy's room when its all done.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Projects and a bee sting

I had just gotten home from Costco and I was trying to get things put away in the garage and all of a sudden Carter screams and grabs his head and falls to the ground crying! I thought maybe his ear drum had popped or something! I ran to him to pick him up and I noticed a dead bee on the ground next to him then I saw the stinger on his finger. He cried for a whole hour off and on. It's been over a week since it happened and this is what it looks like still. Its really blurry sorry!.

Before: I found this mirror at Goodwill
My dad made the bench below!!

I found these end tables and coffee table at an antique store down town. They were pretty beat up but they were made really well so I knew I (with the help of my dad) could fix them. they started out all wood. I stripped them and then my dad painted and distressed them. They came out awesome I think.

I found this chandelier at Good will for $10 it was a weird rusty color. I brought it home and spray painted it and it looks brand new.

Update on the Kitchen~ It's been textured and painted

and now it looks like this. The chalk board was a find at the same antique store down town.

Our Toilet upstairs overflowed and came through the ceiling into the downstairs bathroom that we were going to redo any way. here are some before and afters.

this is Upstairs you can see the water on the carpet. It went all the way into Carter and Lucy's rooms
This is what the bathroom looked like
We started taking off the wallpaper and then the flood happened

They had to take out the ceiling and dry it out with fans and heat for like a week. The flood really wasn't that bad but the guy that came and ripped everything out apparently thought it was. Or he was just trying to get more money from the insurance.


Our Brother in-laws helping with the demo

I still have to put stuff on the walls but you get the idea

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lots to talk about

For Thanksgiving we Headed up to Utah to visit Melody.

We Stopped in Las Vegas and Stayed with Tyler's Sister Nikki and family.

The next day we stopped in St. George and visited with Grandma for a couple hours. She made us some yummy lunch and gave the kids some presents.

We made it to Lehi Utah just in time for Thanksgiving.

We visited Gardner Village.

We were able to stay long enough to see this cutie!

We headed home after a week of fun in Utah. We did a lot more stuff but these were all the pictures from Tyler's I-phone.
I made this for Brooklyn for Christmas. I was going to make one for Lucy too but I decided I will never make one again!

Santa came and brought tons of toys!

But first we had Christmas Eve at My Aunt and Uncles house where Carter was a Shepherd.

We got a new couch

We hung out all Christmas day with Tyler's Family

We worked on a couple projects. Our Brother in-laws came over and helped take off all the wall paper in the kitchen!! I'm so thankful for them! That would have taken me days to do!! (This was the only picture Tyler took)

Then Justin came and painted!

We went to Santa Monica on New Years day.

With these guys and my parents

Carter had a birthday! He is ONE!

all his new toys!

This is a picture of Tyler's Great Grandpa in 1883. Everyone think he looks just like Carter.

This is our new dog Teddy!