Monday, May 24, 2010

More house stuff!

My moms birthday was in April and we had her come over for dinner and cake. I made a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Instead of using the eggs and oil I put a can of pumpkin in. Which made it less calories and very yummy! Lucy decorated it using food color pens. They would have been easier on a frosting that was a little stiffer but it still was fun and came out very colorful!

we had fun taking pictures of Lucy and she loves the attention. (this picture is for Brooklyn)

This is what our yard looked like when we first moved in minus that tree (which is dead now by the way)

Its still a work in progress but its getting better. Who ever thought Lava rock was a great idea to put into gardens was crazy! Me and Tyler spent like 3 days sifting out all the lava rock from the dirt. I've always wanted a yard that looked like the secret garden. So that's my goal!



Our grass is still pretty much weeds but it's green! We are working on that!

This is another find from Goodwill. It was missing a bunch of handles but I loved them! It originally had 2 handles on each drawer my dad patched the holes and put one handle on each drawer and it turned out perfect!! I'll post more pictures of Lucy's room when its all done.


Aubrey said...

oh my gosh, the front yard looks so amazing, I can't believe the difference. I need to get busy on my dressers, great inspiration Katy!!

Manu Family said...

the house is coming along great.... love all the furniture =)

Melody said...

Brooklyn says thank you for the shout-out. She loves looking at "Wucy."

Shelly said...

Wow! You guys have been really busy. You have great talent for decorating on a budget ~ and it all looks great!