Friday, November 6, 2009

The best news ever! Lucy is POTTY TRAINED!! She has been potty trained for about a month now and is doing awesome!

Carter is practicing for Playgirl! He is so sweet and cute. He is a little too attached to mommy and daddy. He is happy as long as he is eating or if we are out doing something any other time....not so much......

We went to the fair a couple times this year and took these pictures in the photo booths.

went apple picking

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I made Lucys birthday cake

We got Lucy a bounce house for her party. If anyone is having a party for a three year old this is a must have!! They were entertained the whole time!

My dad has been coming over and helping Tyler re do the sprinklers. Then Tylers dad came over and rototilled the front yard. It looks a lot better! We are just waiting till the gound settles to plant seed.

We demoed the down stairs bathroom. We found out that our house used to be a model home in the early 90's and they put wall paper directly on top of the dry wall then the other people that lived in our house before us painted a couple of time on top of that. So now we have to strip the layers and plaster.


Mrs. Schmalison said...

Yeah you need to change the color of your text, I feel blind. Dont you love that these kids are potty trained??? It makes life hundreds time better!!! The house is looking really good!! How fun!

Mr. Nichols said...

Oh I know what you're going through with the bathroom... my kitchen walls have 95 years of cement, plaster, wall paper, and paint.... SHOOT me now! i'm 95% done with getting it down to the bricks but still have to steel brush it and then put acid on it. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Mr. Nichols said...

P.S. what an awesome party you guys threw for Lucy! Tell Carter i'll be his agent and get him in some magazines if he keeps up those scandalous poses!

Heidi and Rich said...

Loved the update!!! It is always fun to own a home until you realize that the projects never end!!! No - owning a home is great. I am so glad that Lucy had a fun birthday and is potty trained!!! We can't wait to see you guys.

Jordan and Nikki Brown said...

Tell Lucy congrats on being potty trained - she's probably so proud of herself! Home remodeling never ends - but it's always exciting to see the final product! We're excited to see it in a few weeks!